KICA is the first organization to be accredited as a licensed certification authority by the government in Korea. KICA provides identity confirmation, guarantees regarding secure transactions, and a compensation system that is protected by law. KICA takes the leader's role in developing domestic and international secure e-commerce.

Functions and Legal Effects of a licensed Certification Authority

A Certificate Authority provides such services as the confirmation of the identity of the transacting parties during electronic transactions(Authentication), checks for data alteration and manipulation(Integrity), and prevention of repudiation for occurrence of e-commerce activities(Non-repudiation). In addition, certification provides data confidentiality and access control.

The legal effect of a digital signature is conveyed only when it is based on the digital certificates issued by a licensed Certification Authority. Therefore, certificates from CAs without government authorization cannot be protected by law.

According to Clause 7 of the Electronic Transaction Consumer Protection Policy, online shopping malls must receive a certificate from a Certification Authority and display it for their consumers.

Roles of Licensed Certificate Authority

A licensed Certificate Authority is designated by the government after a strict screening process in compliance with the Digital Signature Law. It issues certificates for confirming or guaranteeing identification of thecomespondent during Internet commercial transactions. A Certification Authority bolsters the stability and reliability of Internet commercial transactions through various tasks including issuance, revocation, renewal, and suspension/recovery of individual and corporate certificates.