SignGATE RA (Registration Authority) is a solution that functions to register user identification data on the CA (Certificate Authority) for the issuance of certificates, which is a necessary procedure under PKI-based security environments. SignGATE RA enables the more effective management of subscribers' certificates by accepting the international standard certification protocol RFC 2510/2511 as well as by managing user data.

Structure of SignGATE RA

SignGATE RA Server

This server software performs such functions as administrator registration, user data management, various current status data, and log data management.

SignGATE RA Admin Toolkit

This Administrator's Toolkit provides security functions whenever RA center administrator gets access to management functions for the RA Server.

SignGATE LRA Toolkit

This Toolkit provides user data management functions by applying the registration administrator's application program when the registration administrator is designated ; it operates separately from the centeral administrator.

SignGATE Cert Toolkit

This User Toolkit provides certificate issuance and abolition functions through the RFC2510/2511 protocol.

Features of SignGATE RA

Support for International Standard Certificate Protocol (RFC2510/2511)

SignGATE RA is the first Korean server-based registration management solution that supports the issuance of user certificates through RFC 2510/2511.

Support for Tracking Service of Subscribers’ Status through Differentiated Management

In SignGATE RA, the processes of user registration and certificate issuance can be traced in detail down through user management. When any error occurs, the accurate causes of the errors may be quickly located and solved.

High Reliability and Stability

The SignGATE RA Server enables stable operation by automatically recovering processes in a bend since the processes are designed in a hierarchical structure.

Functional Description of SignGATE RA

Powerful Security Functions

Supports powerful security functions during administrator access such as access authorization and IP inspection by means of digital signatures and the encryption of user data.

Handling of User Certificates through RFC2510/2511

The central management of user certificate issuance status is made possible by handling user certificate issuance and abolition processes through the RFC2510/2511 protocol and message format.

Easy Management

Details of various statistics and errors can be inquired about on the web-based management screen while. the registration process can be managed through the enclosed LRA Toolkit when the separate registration manager is needed in a remote area.

System Requirements of SignGATE RA

SignGATE RA Server

Operating System : UNIX
Hardware : SUN, HP, COMPAQ (Other models are portable)

SignGATE RA Admin/LRA Toolkit

Operating Systems : Windows 95/98/2000/NT
Hardware : IBM Compatible PC (586 or higher is recommended)