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Welcome to our company

Welcome to our company.

With its world-class IT infrastructure and highly information-literate populace, Korea is advancing into an era of 'smart society' that presents both opportunities and challenges. At this time of historical change, protecting information has never been more important. That is because an infrastructure of trust stands at the core of an information society.

The Korea Information Certificate Authority, Incorporated. (KICA) was established as Korea's 1st licensed certificate authority in 1999. Since that time, KICA has been issuing accredited certificates using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), the safest technology currently recognized on the Internet. Over the past eleven years, KICA has played a crucial role in laying the foundation of our information society, including involvement in electronic commerce, stock trading, and electronic banking. As a leader in the integrated authentication sector, KICA has been leveraging its experience and technologies to provide various supplementary services such as electronic tax statements, domain registration, device authentication, mobile keys, and secure server certification.

In addition, we have been involved in setting up national certificate authority systems overseas in such countries as the Philippines, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Mongolia, Indonesia, and Iran, while carrying out successful consulting projects. KICA has been growing as a world-class company recognized globally as a premier organization for personal information protection.

As a major player in the trust infrastructure of today's information society, our company pledges to continue opening new avenues leading to a green IT world, leading the way to a 'Smart Korea.'

Thank you.

Koh, Sung Hak CEO, KICA Inc.