Products Functons

User Information Management Function

User information management is the basic function of a registration server. SignGATE CA provides the function to manage the basic information more easily such as registration, modification and delete of user information.

User Status Management Function

SignGATE CA provides more effective status management function as managing all steps from the registration of user to the disposal of a certificate.

Status Statistic Management Function

The service status according to the user request can be utilized as most important data.
SignGATE CA provides easier management as creating the status statistic data of various types.

Products Characteristics

Easy Management Function

With the management function on the intranet environment through web-browser, a manager can manage SignGATE CA more easily and conveniently.

Various Additional Function

SignGATE CA enables more effective operation as providing various and useful additional function with the basic function of certification server.

Useful Connection Certification

SignGATE CA provides the useful connection certification using the Digital Signature technology not using the existing password method when it is used with CyQron Admin Toolkit together.

Stable Operation Environment

SignGATE CA provides the stable operation through the immediate recovery when the low level process is abruptly terminated because it consists of multi-level server processes.

Fast Error Tracking

Errors can be easily tracked through the detailed error records of five steps.

Operation Environment

Operation Environment : Unix

  • - HP-UX 9.0x, 10.x
  • - SunOS 5.5.1, 5.6
  • - Other types can be available as Porting.

Main Memory

more than 64 MB


more than ORACLE V8

Hard disk

  • - more than 500MB
  • - Operation Environment : 100 MB
  • - Data base : more than 400 MB

Operation System

Windows 95/98

Main Memory

more than 16 MB

Over Microsoft Internet Explore 5.0