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SignGATE EWS (Easy Web Security) is a security software program, which provides the security functions necessary to protect transaction data on a web-based e-commerce system. This is an innovative web-based security solution, designed to provide all security functions for the legal protection of e-business, simply through the processes of installation and setup.

Structure of SignGATE EWS

  • SignGATE EWS Server
        This server software is installed in the web server system, and performs security functions
        on the server.

  • SignGATE EWS Client
        This client software is connected with the web browser, and functions to secure the important
        received and transmitted data.

  • SignGATE EWS Admin
        This is installed in the administrator’s PC and provides overall operating functions, including the
        generation and distribution of security policy.

  • SignGATE EWS Transaction Server(Optional Pack)
        This server software is connected with the EWS Server, and saves important transaction data
        for the non-repudiation of incoming and outgoing data.

  • Features of SignGATE EWS

  • Easy and Convenient Development
        SignGATE EWS provides the security functions for reliable transactions separately from its
        application programs, making the development and maintenance of application systems easy
        and convenient.

  • Establishment of a Reliable System
        SignGATE EWS enables a more reliable system through such built-in functions as digital
        signatures, encryption, and the notification of received data based on digital signatures.

  • Easy Installation/Operation/Extension
        The security functions of all Clients can be activated automatically via the simple application of
        security policies, after installating SignGATE EWS. Operation and extension are also easy, since
        the version upgrades of client software and data management functions are supported.

  • Functional Description of SignGATE EWS

  • Support for Various Security Functions According to Security Policy
        Various security functions including digital signatures, encryption, transaction storage and
        notification of received data are applied in combination to outgoing and incoming data in
        accordance with the security policy of each transaction.

  • Support for Access Control
        SignGATE EWS provides strengthened security functions by blocking direct access to secured
        server programs.

  • Support for Software Version Update
        Server Certification, Security Policy, and Client Software can be automatically maintained in the
        latest version by updating software versions on a real time basis.

  • System Requirements of SignGATE EWS

  • SignGATE EWS Server/Transaction Server

  •     Operating System : UNIX, LINUX
        Hardware : SUN, HP, COMPAQ (Other models are portable)

  • SignGATE EWS Client/Admin
        Operating Systems : Windows 95/98/2000/NT
        Hardware : IBM Compatible PC (586 or higher is recommended)

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